Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Our Time Questions with Liz Tuccillo

Liz Tuccillo, on the right, during one of her many trips around the world

Periodically, we will interview members of the Our Time and Camp Our Time family (company members, alumni, honorees, participating artists, the board, volunteers, staff, donors, parents, campers, counselors, etc.) by asking them the same 20 questions. Which will now be known as THE OUR TIME QUESTIONS.

Our fifth interview is with Liz Tuccillo. Liz is an accomplished writer perhaps best known for her work on the HBO comedy series Sex and the City and for co-authoring (with Greg Behrendt) the best-selling book He's Just Not That Into You. She also wrote Fair Fight and Joe Fearless (which are two of Taro's favorite all-time plays).

Liz is involved in MANY ways with Our Time: Liz is a Board Member, a volunteer, a playwright teacher/adviser for our One-Act Play Program, a host for many cast parties and other Our Time events including an unforgettable afternoon with Our Time Gala Honoree Bill Withers and the Our Time kids. She is one of Our Time's most important friends and we are all SO THANKFUL to you, Liz for EVERYTHING that you do for us!

1. Favorite Food: Very hard to say, possibly French fries

2. Favorite thing about Our Time: The love, baby – all the love!

3. Favorite place I’ve been: Reykjavik, Iceland

4. Place I’ve always wanted to go: The Grand Canyon! And all the other National Parks out west as well.

5. Favorite Movie: I don't know if I can say I have a favorite movie. The two movies that come to mind that have affected me the most have been Ordinary People and The Lives of Others.

6. If you were trapped on an island for three years, and you could only listen to one recording artist, who would it be: Stevie Wonder. Does that make me really old?

7. Mac or PC: Mac. Does that make me really young and hip?

8. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate, c’mon.

Cats or Dogs: Neither, really. Don’t tell anyone, I think people will hate me.

Favorite Our Time moment: Recently – Tom singing Neil Diamond at the One-Acts! I mean talk about a magical moment!

What do you want to be when you grow up: Completely satisfied with my life and unafraid.

Who would play you in a movie: Tina Fey. No wait. I think what I really mean to say is that I want to be Tina Fey.

Favorite Book: Um. “He’s Just Not That Into You.” What? What????

Favorite sports team: Giants right now. So obvious, I know.

What advice do you have for people who stutter: Hang around Taro and Our Time for the rest of your life.

What advice do you have for people who don’t stutter: Hang around Taro and Our Time for the rest of your life.

Favorite TV Show: 30 Rock. I WANT TO BE AS FUNNY AS TINA FEY.

Favorite Play or Musical: Six Degrees of Separation was pretty amazing. And Rent. That’s right!

If you were President, what would your first official act be: Shutting down Guantanamo Bay, getting all the prisoners to trial or releasing them.

Where do you see Our Time in 10 years: That is a very difficult question as I am not clear how much the company can expand, if we are not able to clone Taro into twenty different people. But what I do see, is an amazing, thriving, huge camp for kids who stutter, and their friends and siblings. And a space – for rehearsals and offices.


Tom said...

I like your answer to #10

Joe Pop said...

I love Tina Fey to Liz!!!! Don't we all?

riki said...

I'll definitely take your advice on #16 ... and re #13, it's a really awesome book!!

Catherine Ryan said...

I like #18 because there is no musical ever written or performed as well as Rent. Taro, I feel I know a most of the amazing Our Time history because you have shared it at various events. How did Liz Tuccillo connect with you and Our Time?

Nick's mom)

Greg said...

I'd love to know why Reykjavik. (?) Thanks Taro and Liz for all that you're doing.