Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everett Bradley and President Barack Obama

Tonight, Everett Bradley, Our Time's Musical Director, will be performing in front of President Barack Obama with Jon Bon Jovi at the Commander-in-Chief Ball.

Congratulations Everett! We know you will rock the house and have a great time doing it. If you get a chance, would you mind sharing this poem with the President ... it was written by Our Time Alumni Jonathan Greig about a year before Barack Obama began running for President:

Who says I can’t write a play
Who says I can’t be a valedictorian
Who says I can’t build an airplane or be an astronaut
Who says I can’t act in a play
Who says I can’t make tons of friends
Who says I can’t be President
They may say it
But I don’t
Because I know I can

What will you be doing tonight?


riki said...

Wish Jonathan could be here to recite his perfectly apropos poem to President Obama.

Everett, what an amazing honor!!! We hope to spot you on TV as you sing & play your heart out for our new President!!

What a time to be in America!!!

It really is OUR TIME!!!


Tom King said...

Everett, what an amazing honor!!!
Congratulation I know you'll rock the house. Hope you have a great time.