Thursday, December 18, 2008

We hope you enjoy these great photos by the amazing Liz Rubincam. These were all taken this past Saturday night at the Cherry Lane Theatre. Congratulations once again to Danielle, Tom, and Edward for writing and directing three fantastic plays!

Tom, Edward, & Danielle during the Q&A

Photos from A Playlist Worth A Thousand Words written & directed by Danielle Diesu (starring Marianne Hagan, Armando Riesco, Pancho Gutstein, Kristine Stolakis, Tim Short, Victoria Perlman, Laurel Steinhauser, Ryan Millager, Emily Whyte, Meg Hart, Jonathan Greig, Keith Russell, and Andre Gillyard)

Photos from Cherish Every Moment written & directed by Tom King (starring Jace Alexander, Joel Higgins, Maddie Corman, Taro Alexander, and Joseph Popovich, Jr.)

Photos from Mendacity written & directed by Edward Mawere (starring Keira Naughton, Emily Whyte, Carl Danielsen, Ryan Millager, and Noah Cornman)

gettin' hype before the last show
Jackson & his pop


riki said...

These photos are just fabulous!! Make me feel like I'm seeing the plays all over again ... which is a good thing ... a VERY good thing!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the photos!

Anonymous said...

My student, J from Brooklyn, smiled while looking through the
Our Time photos. Keep up the good work!

Michelle P..... said...

I'm so sad that I missed the shows!!! but I was in a show at school that weekend too.